May 032012

According to Juniper Research, the Next Big Thing in Smart Phones will be not only the use of augmented reality, but barometers that calculate tiny changes in elevation. Augmented reality is already being introduced into Smart Phones in the area of MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems).

Items such as accelerometers and compasses are soooooo last year. Gyroscope technology will help smart phone and electronic tablet users orient themselves and their screens to their environments.

The barometers embedded into electronic devices will work with GPS systems so that Maps will work indoors. This will be helpful if a person is at a large college campus and needs to find a room, at a large corporate campus, shopping mall, museum or any other indoor location where GPS now fails.

The price of MEMS have come done as smart phone manufacturers are under increasing pressure to add more value and bring costs down.

According to PC World, “Juniper predicts that annual revenues generated by MEMS devices built into mobile phones – including sensors, audio, displays and radio frequency components – will exceed $6.3 billion by 2016. However, unit prices for MEMS devices will continue to fall rapidly, meaning that vendors will need to have guaranteed volumes in order to commit to cost and price reductions.”

And, not only will your smart phone increase exponentially in its intelligence because of MEMS, it will also increase the augmented reality portion of displaying data you need overlapping real life as you see it. And this will make you a tad savvier as well.

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