Dec 132011

X-Ray GlassesCindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum and the list of supermodels goes on and on. So, have you ever wanted to take a peek underneath what they are wearing? Of course you have and now you can. Is there an app for that? Of course there is.

A company called Moosejaw has come out with a mobile augmented reality app that will let you take a peek underneath their models’ winter clothing in their catalogs. Okay, so you’re saying, big whoop, this isn’t like the X-ray glasses that they used to advertise on the back cover of the old comic books.

No, of course it’s not. Think of the lawsuits for invasion of privacy this would cause if some retail company came out with an app where you could see underneath everyone’s clothing. No, instead, this application is to be used just with the winter clothing catalog to make it more interactive.

And while this may not be the perv cam you were hoping for it is a step into the future of making static print more interactive and interesting. Since the advent of the Internet, print media such as catalogs, newspapers and magazines have taken a hit in readership.

This one little app will bring back some readership and of course customers based upon new technology. One million Twitter impressions can’t be all wrong. People are impressed with this augmented reality app, so look for other print media to soon follow. Future augmented reality will blow your mind.

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