Oct 062015

Children can now enjoy fun activities like solving puzzles and coloring their favorite Disney characters with the Disney Color and Play app. The people behind the Disney Research Project are taking the art of coloring to another level by developing an app that will allow users, young and old to color using Augmented Reality (AR).

Coloring books are not only creative tools to develop art skills in children but are also great stress busters for adults. And with this augmented reality coloring book app from Disney, children from all ages are introduced to a whole new world of art and technological advancement.

Basically, the user simply has to place the tablet with the app over the image on the coloring book he or she is working on and the result will be a three-dimensional model of the image. What makes it different from the iOS mobile app Crayola Color Alive, launched in 2014, is that it lets you see the 3D image while you render the color. The app from Crayola, on the other hand, allows users to see the output only after the work is done.

Another twist worth looking forward to will be the textured 3D version of the image being colored. That is, whatever texture is derived from the coloring book, the app will create the same output on screen. Moreover, the object is animated and can be seen from different angles, allowing the user to see the 2D image transform into real-time.

With the added dimension on the screen output, you can have an idea how the image looks like from different perspectives. This is made possible with what is known as the virtual spring system.


How does it work?

With the application of augmented reality in this latest project of Disney’s creative team, the app that is being developed is able to detect and track the original 2D image on paper and convert it to a three-dimensional image in real time. As you color the image, you can also see the development of your work on your tablet, but it will feel like magic with the animated 3D image on the screen.

Augmented reality has been present for a while now and has been used in different applications. It has enhanced user-experience with the integration of contextual information with what is seen on a camera feed. Also, it has made gaming experience more realistic as it allows images to come alive.

This technology has been used in business applications as well. However, Disney was able to come up with something that stands out among other creations introduced by other companies, an app that does not take away the joy of using traditional coloring books but rather enhances user-experience with the use of technology.

With the number of activities that can be enjoyed with smart devices and gadgets, researchers from Disney say that the use of traditional coloring books might not as exciting as they used to be. But by being to turn 2D coloring book images into animated 3D models, this will not be a concern anymore.






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