Sep 102012

A company called TTP (The Technology Partnership) is competing head on with the Google Project Glass. TTP has developed an augmented reality pair of glasses that shows information while wearing them and yet no one but you knows this is happening.

According to The Guardian, “Developed as a prototype by TTP (The Technology Partnership), a technology development company, the glasses incorporate a tiny projector in one arm of the spectacles. The picture is then reflected from the side into the centre of the lenses, which are etched with a reflective pattern that then beams the image into the eye.

That means the image is directly incorporated into what the wearer see when looking directly ahead … the ‘killer app’ for an augmented reality system might be one that would work when you look under your car bonnet, “so rather than seeing a big block, you see it all clearly labeled to tell you what part is what. Alternatively … surgeons might find it useful, not to show them what they’re looking at, because it’s never actually that clear, but to tell them what’s happening to the patient’s life signs: – to the blood oxygenation when I press here, what happens to the pulse. If you can display that directly into their field of vision, that’s really useful.”

This, of course, is only available now in the TTP research lab. But, expect some bigger players to jump on this technology soon.

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  1. Here’s an article about a computer screen that fits on a contact lens. Does this mean if I have two different computer contact lenses going at the same time, I will be twice as powerful?

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