Eric Schmidt Offers 6 Future Technology Trends

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May 192016

In the recent past, a lot of techies have been on the lookout for new and better technologies. A few, in turn, have given them the skill to foresee upcoming technological advancements. In fact, one technology expert named Eric Schmidt believes that there are inevitable trends that will be happening in the near future. Are you dying to know what these new technological innovations are? Then here is a list made by Schmidt himself that depicts the future of technology.

Less Consumption of Meat

Schmidt believes that people in the future will be less dependent on meat to supply them the needed nutrition. Instead, he supports the belief that citizens will be inclined to consume more plant-based nutrition. Thus, it will also lessen the impact of greenhouse gases.

Undoubtedly, this will also be a healthier option for people considering the substitution of meat with plant-based diet.

Technological Advancements in Education

According to educational advocates, technology can be more beneficial to learning. In fact, Microsoft Corp began the layering of educational process when they introduced Minecraft to the classrooms. Accordingly, teachers will be able to use this game as an educational medium to teach mathematics and geography, among others. Additionally, students will have the option to work inside or outside of the class as this trend serves as a teacher-student collaboration to find ways to effective learning.

3D Printer to Reduce Cost and Saves Time

The proliferation of 3D printers will be able to create a structure with the help of recyclable materials. Consequently, large sizes of 3D prints will be printed for commercial and residential buildings. The good thing is that it can save considerable amounts of energy and time.

Evidently, this can also reduce waste production as it can be recycled for better use.

Self-Driving Cars

The availability of self-driving vehicles are beginning to become a reality as manufacturers look forward to create an affordable prototype. This is intended to provide a safer driving experience with its self-driving mode.

Perhaps Schmidt has been keen on the tie up between Google and carmaker Fiat Chrysler, which enabled his forecast of the development of self-driving vehicles in the future.

Apple’s Health Kits for Mobile Devices

In a report by Tech Crunch, the launching of Carekit and ResearchKit from Apple Inc will enable users to monitor certain symptoms and to keep tabs under the medication process. For this reason, it will provide a big impact for the empowerment of the medical sector.

Obviously, this will provide the elderly and people with disabilities to monitor their intake of medication properly.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The revolution of virtual reality has taken a notch higher. At the same time, augmented reality may have a big role in the vehicle industries and education. Schmidt asserts that the future for virtual reality is already certain, but for augmented reality, it will still be determined.

The current trends can be clearly associated with these forecasts since the advancement of technology is undeniably fast. In fact, inventions that people considered impossible to build decades ago have now been proven possible.




BBC Infographic of the Future Rocks Its Predictions

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Jan 312013

BBC Future has come up with an interesting infographic of what the future many look like between this year and 100 years from now. They’ve also created separate categories from most likely to least likely and placed odds on each.

For instance in 2013, they give 7/4 odds that it is most likely that the Great Firewall of China will fall and people in that country will have access to worldwide information. In 2013, they also give 1/20 odds that patients will be prescribed medical apps by their own doctors.

Now, there are a few scary predictions for the future as well. For instance, the BBC says that by 2018 the arctic will be free of ice in the summertime. And between 2030 and 2040 there are 3/1 odds that the land around Chernobyl will be turned into a national park.

On the less likely side by 2045, singularity has occurred and supercomputers are now smarter than the most intelligent humans. It’s an interesting infograph worth checking out. And as always don’t try this at home and please no wagering. 🙂





Oct 242011

Nick Bilton lives in the future and happens to be the lead writer and technology reporter for the New York Times Bits Blog. Mr. Bilton also used to work in the New York Times R&D lab figuring out new ways to enhance the newspaper’s online experience.

Bilton was criticized for an interview he gave with online magazine saying that he had cancelled his subscription to the New York Times print newspaper, but instead got his news online (including the NYT).

The book, I Live in the Future and Here’s How It Works takes the reader through the beginnings of the Internet for the common user with adult entertainment leading the charge into this new media. Bilton talks also about how music and movies have changed in a digital world, how people’s brains have changed with the advent of digital information overload from gaming, cell phones, texting, social media, email, reading online, videos online, news and other stimulus that personalizes our worlds in a way never before possible.

Mr. Bilton also speaks about winners and losers in technology and how the companies that stick around will be the one’s creating the most useful digital tools and experiences. He also makes a few future predictions using the movie “Minority Report” starring Tom Cruise- as a possible glimpse into the future of interactive technology.

This future not only includes how retailers will use in-depth information about us to sell more products and services to us, but also one-device-fits-all technology for reading, cell phone, GPS, social media, entertainment and other digitally interactive media.

Bilton predicts that over the next 5 years mobile phone development will outpace the development of laptop or desktop computers. He believes that the interactivity among these devices and TV will also create a virtual world that no one could have predicted 5 years ago.

Mr. Bilton, makes many excellent points and predictions. I don’t want to be a spoiler and recount everything in this review. As an old newspaper guy who has transitioned into the future world myself, I give this book two very high digital thumbs up. Or in other online vernacular, I LIKE.

The Kindle edition of this book is offered at Amazon (without any affiliate links – I don’t make a dime off your purchase).