Neurogaming – the Future is Almost Here

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Jun 042013

The first Neurogaming Conference and Expo was held in San Francisco, May 1 -2, 2013. Developers of neurogames use sensory-motor, behavorial and cognitive technology to engage gamers in exciting and compelling experiences.

According to Forbes, “Recently developed platforms like Xbox Kinect and Nintendo Wii don’t require the motor skill to use complex gamepads, so it’s common to see three year olds and even seventy-three year olds showing those teenagers a thing or two about Nintendo Wii tennis. The next step for game designers is to introduce psycho-emotional inputs measuring anything from heart rate, facial analysis, voice measurement, skin conductance, eye tracking, pupil dilation, brain activity, and your ever-changing emotional profile. These games will know the user at a subconscious level and deliver an experience that could forever blur the line between virtual and reality.”

So, if you’re a lazy lump sitting for hours in front of your Xbox, it’s time to get in shape. Besides left brain and right brain skills, neurogaming will also rely on physical skills such as coordination, timing and perhaps even endurance to give you the ultimate in augmented and perhaps even virtual reality.