Will PC Spectacles Be Politically Correct?

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Mar 222014

Wearable computers are now starting to come into their own. Watches and glasses with embedded personal computers have been in the limelight and they have also raised concerns about public privacy.

For instance, can people wearing smart glasses in public video record everything they see and everyone they meet, all the time? What about public restroom and locker rooms where there is at least some expectation of privacy?

Well, Google has attempted to answer some of these concerns by publishing their “The Top 10 Google Glass Myths” so that people can decide for themselves whether to jump onboard or be in relation to those who are into the whole wearable computer movement.


Smart Glasses for Dummies

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Dec 232013

Okay, so I guess I’m projecting too much into the future here. I wanted to educate myself about wearable, computerized eye spectacles so I looked up “Smart Glasses for Dummies” and there isn’t a book like this written, yet (and of course there is no Idiots guide as well).

Atheer One Smart Glasses

There are several manufacturers right now researching, testing and releasing to the public augmented reality, computerized eye glasses. Perhaps the most notable is Google Glass which has been release to some tech-savvy types recently.

But, there is another new player in town, Atheer One. This wearable technology was created by a couple of Lebanese entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, California. One advantage that Atheer One has over Google glass is that it displays augmented reality in 3D instead of 2d.

According to wamda.com, “A Lebanese entrepreneur and his cofounder have just debuted a pair of wearable glasses that displays augmented reality in three dimensions as opposed to Google’s two.

“The glasses, built by Soulaiman Itani and Allen Yang at Atheer Labs in Mountain View, bring fantasies to life, allowing wearers to exercise with virtual targets, conduct conferences calls while browsing data online, and play three dimensional games, thanks to hand sensors and an advanced algorithm.

“Those who were wowed by Pranav Mistry’s TED Talk about Sixth Sense technology will likely go gaga for Atheer, which also offers a 65 degree field of view as opposed to Google’s 12 degree frame in the corner of one’s view.”

Atheer has a crowd-funding campaign going on right now (and a cool video). They need to raise $100,000 and so far have raised over $70,000 towards their goal.

As I now walk around my house saying to myself “where are my dumb glasses?” in less than a few years, my smart glasses will surely be communicating with other smart wearable devices about the dumb human wearing them. Perhaps it is my fate to invent the first Smart Ass Glasses which will be a great hit, I’m sure, around April Fool’s Day.