Hydrogen Cars and the Future of Now

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Jul 172014

The old joke about hydrogen cars is that they are always 10 years away. But, the naysayers have nothing to joke about anymore.

In the past few years, Honda and Daimler have leased their hydrogen cars to consumers and fleets. In June 2014, Hyundai introduced the first production line H2 vehicle to be sold through a dealership in the United States.

The Hyundai Tustin dealership in Orange County, California was the first to lease one of these vehicles to Mr. Tim Bush and family. Bush is a St. Farm agent in Newport Beach, California. I was there for this event and took this photo at the top of this post. And, yes, these ix35 Hyundai hydrogen cars look just like regular vehicles – until you look under the hood that is.

And, so, this is just the beginning. In December 2014, Toyota is expected to start production on their commercial fuel cell vehicle. The other major car companies are soon to follow after that.

So, what is the future for hydrogen cars say 5 or 10 years down the road? It’s anyone’s guess, but as long as the building of cars and supporting infrastructure take place in parallel, then the future is bright for this long range EV.


Wearable Technology Meets Future Travel

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Apr 222014

Well, it may read like science fiction, but the technologies I’m about to mention are either in use, in development or are being prototyped. Ten years from now, smart clothing, watches, glasses, contact lenses, helmets, hats, socks and shoes may all be connected with the Internet, use artificial intelligence and interact with us.

And, in fact, they will even monitor our vital signs and tell us when we are ready for a vacation. Then we will be presented with real life and virtual options for our vacations.

CNN states, “… by 2024 travel agents, tour guides and concierges could all be replaced by a virtual entity with a finely-tuned sense of your likes, which it will gather from your search history, online reviews, social media presence and various other digital interactions. This guide could live inside a piece of your clothing and come out as a hologram, and (perhaps mimicking your favorite actor) it will be able to have a conversation with you …

“…These digital travel buddies will not only be able to tailor suggestions to you personally, they’ll be able to monitor your expressions to see if you’re actually enjoying yourself and tweak their recommendations accordingly …”

If all of this sounds pretty creepy, it is, for now. It may take some time to get use to the invasion of privacy, but look at where we have come over the past 10 years with search engines and social media gathering our personal data and the fact that we have become increasing accepting of this if not fully onboard.

This high tech will bring us one step closer to being superheroes and that’s what we really want, right? That secret decoder ring I used to get in my cereal box will finally become reality with the next round of smart tech coming down the pike.