Jan 242018

For 2018, you can count on artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency to dominate the news cycles. In fact, you can argue that cryptocurrencies are already garnering huge amounts of attention thanks to the boom in bitcoins. What’s interesting is that while AI and cryptocurrency are two different industries, they can combine in terms of trading. In fact, it is the use of AI in cryptocurrency trading that may make the biggest splash of all for 2018.

Capitalise, an investment platform out of Israel, has come up with the idea of using artificial intelligence to assist in the trading of cryptocurrencies. This is the use of natural language technologies that take the spoken word and turn them into strategies for investment purposes. This means that anyone from experienced professionals to beginners can create their own portfolios, set the strategies, and manage them in real time. This new platform is called Capitalise Crypto and it is designed for beginners to experienced investors all using the same system.




How It Works

The use of natural language technology which takes the spoken word and turns it into an algorithm is relatively straightforward on the end of the user. All a person must do is create any investment strategy and run it through the technology which turns it into code for an algorithm so that it can become an investment strategy.

For example, you can say that if the price of bitcoin drops below a certain value, purchase a pre-selected number of units from a company. You can also include the overall market cap to narrow the definition of your investment strategy. The algorithm will be created and once the conditions exist in the market, it will proceed with the strategy that you have made.

You can create strategies that are as simple or complex as you desire. You can also make multiple strategies while monitoring each transaction without having to spend a lot of bitcoin. In fact, one of the major advantages with using this AI program is that you save a considerable amount compared to making manual transactions.

Does It Work?

This new combination of AI and cryptocurrency investment has managed to break the barrier between those who have gained years of experience on the market and beginners who want to learn. This means that you can use your own strategies and all you need is a digital wallet. It does pay to learn about cryptocurrency investment strategies so that what you employ is based on solid information. Over time, knowledge becomes experience which will make you more confident in the strategies that you select.

For novices, you can start with your own strategies or use those that have been tried by experts in the field. this means that you can start with proven efforts and over time create your own if you desire. This means that for those who have been considering investing in cryptocurrencies, the AI technology available now makes it easy to create a strategy that can be executed automatically.


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