Nov 152012

This may sound like SciFi but it’s happening here and now. Some Salt Lake City police officers are wearing video cameras in their glasses. That’s right all you woodchuck chuckers who have spent countless time watching cop shows with their dashboard mounted cameras catching all of the action.

According to Chief Chris Burbank (who lives nowhere near Jay Leno) he wants all Utah officers to one day be wearing the video camera glasses for protection of the officers. Now you may be thinking that Rodney Kinging may no longer occur if these glasses cameras are fully deployed and that’s a good point.

But, the main point is that officers, witnesses and suspects’ versions of an event oftentimes differ in the perceived facts. Having an eye-level video camera conveniently located in an officer’s glasses will help restore a certain reality to situations in dispute.

Think of the implications of having instant replay during an arrest or other altercation. Or having the same type of video on a crime scene to help with an investigation. A few good men have already stepped into the future with these glass cams. Tomorrow it may be another step towards justice for all.






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  1. bad news for criminals

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