Jul 242012

The Ford Motor Company almost collapsed a few years back and like any good forward-thinking company, they’ve put that past behind them. Now Ford is focusing on future car technology in regard to both Traffic Jam Assist technology and Active Park Assist technology.

Ford’s Traffic Jam Assist technology is supposed to help drivers relax when they are surrounded by other slow moving cars on the highway. This automotive tech will take the wheel out of the hands of drivers for a short while and calculate the path of least resistance.

According to Automoblog, “Ford’s Traffic Jam Assist senses the movements of other road users as well as the primary user’s vehicle. Traffic Jam Assist technology adheres to the direction of traffic lanes on the highway with the capacity of self-correcting steering. Taking the minor steering adjustments from the driver, Ford proclaims the Traffic Jam Assist system will be a more relaxed driving experience. Traffic Jam Assist works in conjunction with other technologies such as adaptive cruise control to react even to sudden situations.”

Ford’s active park assist technology will not only help in parallel parking but perpendicular parking as well (and of course in the future there may vertical parking, underwater parking and of course levitation parking – but I’m getting a little ahead of myself).

So, you see that Ford no longer stands for Fix Or Repair Daily, but rather Future Of Rapid Development – at least they’re working on it.

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