Apr 112012

Half of all Parkinson’s Disease patients suffer from a condition called freeze of gait (FOG). This feeling of being stuck to the floor happens mostly when patients are walking through narrow places like doorways.

According to India.com, “Researchers may have hit upon a new way of helping Parkinson’s victims who face difficulty in walking. They are hoping to use a simulated virtual reality environment to help patients suffering from the phenomenon known as ‘freezing of gait’ (FOG). FOG affects over half of all Parkinson’s patients, and is commonly triggered by having to walk through narrow doorways.”

Now, researchers at the Brain and Mind Research Institute (BMRI), University of Sydney, Australia are helping patients to train their brains using a virtual environment. This new virtual reality is filled with halls and doorways that patients must navigate.

This kind of virtual physical therapy may help patients avoid medications or surgery that come with their own inherent risks.

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