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The US military produces a lot of weapons for all sorts of missions all over the globe. However, not all of these weapons are designed or made for the purpose of killing people. The military does not always want to kill people who stand in its way, only deter them.

Often times, the military designs and produces weapons that are non-lethal in nature. This means that, upon fired this type of weapon will not inflict a wound that will kill a person. That is why such weapons are called non-lethal weapons. Following are some of the latest and the most high tech military non-lethal weapons that are in use these days.

Active Denial System:

More and more combat vehicles are being fitted with this high tech weapon these days. Vehicles such as a variant of Leopard 2 battle tank and hummers are being fitted with these Active Denial Systems. This weapon works with the help of the dish that is fitted on top of the vehicle. This dish projects very high electromagnetic radiation. This electromagnetic radiation can easily penetrate the human skin and starts the effect by heating the cells. This sensation of heated cells panics the person who is under the fire from this weapon and helps to disable his or her movements.

 Running Gear Entanglement System (RGES):

The main purpose of the Running Gear Entanglement System, a high tech military non-lethal weapon is to protect the Navy ships along with other waterside assets such as marinas and museums. This weapon works by fouling the propeller of any unauthorized vessel(s) that attempts to approach any restricted areas around the navy ships or the watersides. Overall, this weapon can easily help to stop the assault of an enemy ship on the US Navy ships and help to keep the navy troops safe from any sort of night sneak attacks.

Advanced Tactical Laser (ATL):

The concept of ATL revolves around a high tech infrared laser that can be carried in an aircraft or an air-to ground strike mission. The purpose of advanced tactical laser is to provide pinpoint accuracy on the target area without putting too much of own forces at risk and to reduce damage as well.

Benefits of Using Military Non-Lethal Weapons:

Non-lethal weapons, as the name suggests works on the concept of eliminating a threat without eliminating a human. The very purpose of military non-lethal weapons is to give an advantage to the attackers and stop them without fatally wounding them.

The variety of non-lethal weapons is to facilitate the need of non-lethal weapons over a variety of areas. For instance, such weapons used to protect an embassy may not be effective enough to stop people in a war zone. The main difference in the non-lethal weapons technology is because the military is emphasizing on highly effective weapon technology that can stop any threat without causing a major panic and is effective to be used in any area of the world.

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