Feb 262013

It may sound like science fiction rather than cutting edge science, but Smartphones are now poised to revolutionize the healthcare industry. This is especially true for lifestyle types of diseases such as diabetes or obesity.

Soon, Smart apps will be able to monitor blood sugar before and after a meal, amount of exercise, stress, caloric intake and other measurements of how a body is doing. This information can empower individuals who want to take charge of their own health plus if desired this information can also be passed on to doctors who will also weigh in on preventative care.

According to CNN, “Currently, health care systems focus primarily on chronic ill health, rather than the preventative measures of living a healthy lifestyle, but this may be the adjustment that both the health care system and insurance companies make as a result of digital health devices.

“The ultimate health care applications will allow us to monitor our body and use the insight from that data to create an actionable, preventative health solution, such as an individual exercise or nutritional plan, in addition to devising a personal cocktail of medicine.”

Retinal displays will do retinal scans, heart rate, blood pressure and other body health indicators can be continuously monitored if desired. As the U. S. struggles to cut down on healthcare costs, leading edge Smartphone technology will save the day. And that day is very soon at hand.


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