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This is a picture page of future airplanes. Of course future airplanes will come in many varieties from commercial to military to leisure aircraft. The pictures, photos and images on this page of future airplanes represent all three varieties.

The propulsion methods of these future planes will be of a great variety including JP-8 jet fuel mixtures especially with biofuels, hydrogen, hydrogen peroxide, plug-in battery electric hybrids, multi-fuel hybrids, magnetic energy, nuclear and those carrying plasma reactors.

This just gives a glimpse of what future airplanes will look like in the years ahead. Of course, there will be must development between now and 5, 10, 20 or 50 years in the future so we’ll just have to wait and see what the scientists and engineers of tomorrow offer.

NASA Supersonic Green Machine

NASA Supersonic Green Machine

This is a NASA concept supersonic aircraft that uses green fuel and is manufactured with little or no carbon footprint.

Future Travel

Future Commercial Travel

The concept behind these future planes is that the large one will circle the earth above many large cities and the smaller airplane will deplane the passengers in the sky then shuttle them to the airports saving time and fuel.

NASA Blended Wing Airplane

NASA Blended Wing Airplane Concept

The NASA Blended-Wing-Body aircraft concept co-developed with the help of UC Irvine, CA shows how design in the future will help reduce fuel consumption.

NASA Futuristic Planes

NASA Futuristic Planes

Now, this may be a stretch given current technology and a bit on the science fiction edge for some tastes, but this is what NASA is predicting are travel will look like within the next 50 years. Could happen.

Mars Airplane

Mars Airplane

To take NASA’s future vision one step farther, this is the depiction of what an airplane will look like on Mars. Of course, this most likely would be categorized as a spacecraft but they are calling it an airplane so I will do so as well.

These future airplane pictures, images and photos represent a small sample of what the years ahead have in store for us. The pictures of future airplanes are based upon current and emerging technology. This is not science fiction but rather projections and predictions based upon what we know today to be true.

For more detailed info see the future airplanes section of this website and see what is in store in just a few short years.

Credits: NASA, Boeing, UC Irvine

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  1. I would love to live long enough to see this eventuate but I think I will be gone long before it comes to fruition

  2. Likely to see Goodyear blimp – trains carrying freight, with no width restrictions, no need for good roads, very low fuel requirements, within the U.S. Expect jet propelled high fuel consumption flights to be reduced by ever-higher fuel costs, ever-shrinking dollar. Can see a future for Ocean liners, trains, coming up fast. Imagine the personal, gasoline powered, rubber wheeled, car to become scarce, First, as buses take over, later only used as a luxury item by the Uber Rich. Can see a place for very short haul battery/hybrids or simply rechargeable battery “shuttle-cars”. Gone are the days of the “Cheap Oil Era” in America. Chinese to perfect Thorium fueled LFTR reactors, 10 x cheaper, safer to build, fuel, likely to be able to power entire electric bullet train networks, daisy chain them even across America for the cheapest, fastest, most convenient transportation ever. as they will do Pan Eurasia as fast as they can. 21st Century likely led by a very well-to-do China. They pool the highest IQ’s from the entire Asian population, educate them, set them to tasks, not for the Capitalist’s profit motive, but for the good of the general population. Some of their projects remain secret, but not the LFTR reactors fueled with Thorium. This, they let us kn0w about! Google Tsinghua University, pebble bed, gas reactors for a peak at just how advanced they are – the rest is secret, likely material for patent, and they wish to keep it that way.

  3. The planes are very nice .I think that these planes will be manufactured very

    Best wishes for your plan

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