Jan 312013

BBC Future has come up with an interesting infographic of what the future many look like between this year and 100 years from now. They’ve also created separate categories from most likely to least likely and placed odds on each.

For instance in 2013, they give 7/4 odds that it is most likely that the Great Firewall of China will fall and people in that country will have access to worldwide information. In 2013, they also give 1/20 odds that patients will be prescribed medical apps by their own doctors.

Now, there are a few scary predictions for the future as well. For instance, the BBC says that by 2018 the arctic will be free of ice in the summertime. And between 2030 and 2040 there are 3/1 odds that the land around Chernobyl will be turned into a national park.

On the less likely side by 2045, singularity has occurred and supercomputers are now smarter than the most intelligent humans. It’s an interesting infograph worth checking out. And as always don’t try this at home and please no wagering. 🙂






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